Jim Ross Hints At Big Problem For FOX With WWE Hall of Fame Next Year

Former WWE announcer and AEW personality, Jim Ross suggested WWE may have an issue next year when the Hall of Fame and SmackDown air simultaneously.

On a recent episode of his podcast, Ross wondered how the WWE Hall Of Fame will air on Friday night next year when Friday will also be the new time slot for SmackDown Live on Fox and as part of their new big tv deal? While Ross isn't a WWE employee and it won't matter one way or another to him, it is a good question. After all, WWE doesn't want to move the Hall of Fame, they don't want to jeopardize anything with FOX who will expect more than just rerun shows and review packages and the WWE doesn't have a ton options considering NXT, the Hall of Fame and WrestleMania 36 will all be happening on the same weekend.

You can hear the entire episode below:

Ross also added that he believed there wasn't much sizzle to the past Hall of Fame ceremony. He hints that WWE needs to do a better job of getting people interested and treating the ceremony like something that is "must-see."

What This Means

Maybe there is a way to solve two problems at once.

While Ross didn't really offer any suggestions, WWE may toy with the idea combining both shows. If they did, it would give FOX and completely unique show on WrestleMania weekend, it would shorten the program for all viewers (the length is a sore spot for a lot of fans) and it would give the show some of that sizzle Ross thinks the festivities lack.

Ross suggested someone like Christian should go in next year. What if he did and as part of his induction, there was a storyline worked in that was fitting for a segment on SmackDown?

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