Jim Ross Hospitalized After New Japan Show

An accidental bump during New Japan's G1 Special at the Cow Palace this weekend has left Jim Ross needing to pay a visit to the hospital.

New Japan returned to the United States this past weekend for another big show as the promotion further extends its reach in the Western Hemisphere. This time they occupied the iconic Cow Palace for the evening, staging its G1 Special. Many fans likely remember the venue as the place that Eddie Guerrero defeated Brock Lesnar to win his first and only WWE Championship.

All in all the event was a huge success, as you might have guessed. The main event for the evening featured Kenny Omega successfully defending his newly won IWGP Heavyweight Championship against Cody Rhodes. Oddly, the match seems to have mended some of the fences that have been broken in the Bullet Club recently. Prior to that match, Jay White went one on one with Juice Robinson.


That match played host to a title change as Robinson defeated Switchblade for the IWGP United States Title. Unfortunately, that will not be the only thing the bout is remembered for. Jim Ross was announcing at ringside and took an accidental bump during the match. White suplexed Robinson into the barricade which in turn knocked the announce table into JR, sending him backward off of his chair.

Even though JR's announce partner, Josh Barnett, proceeded to hop the barricade and chase White until he was stopped by security, both members of the New Japan announce team have told fans on Twitter that the sequence of events was not planned. JR has also revealed that he believes the mishap may have broken one of his ribs, and reports on Monday suggest that he is currently in hospital back in his hometown of Norman, Oklahoma.

As you can see above, the entire sequence of events that ensues once JR is injured is pretty baffling, especially if it's true that none of it was part of the show. White appears to goad Barnett after knocking his veteran announce partner from his chair, and who knows what the former UFC fighter might have done had he been able to get his hands on the former US Champion.


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Jim Ross Hospitalized After New Japan Show