Jim Ross Says Vince McMahon Is Easily Swayed & Gets Distracted Quickly

Vince McMahon does not have the attention span and unwavering character you'd expect from an astute businessman like himself, at least according to Jim Ross.

Ross is now with AEW after having become the voice of WWE back in the day and remaining with the promotion for several years. The WWE Hall of Famer recently claimed that his former employer is very organized in the boardroom but is easily distracted and could be made to change his mind easier than we'd expect.

The AEW commentator held a Q&A session on his most recent Grilling JR podcast and was asked if McMahon was erratic or businesslike when he's in the boardroom.

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“It depends on the room, but he’s generally very organized and structured in that respect," Ross explained (h/t 411Mania). "But then, he’s easily distracted. And that may account for his ADD or whatever, but he’s easily distracted. But he doesn’t come in as the — he’s not a Mr. McMahon character. Although, at the flip of a switch, he can become that. But normally, he’s a very strategic businessman.

“The only thing about Vince is that he’s easily swayed. And sometimes the last person to have an audience with him is the one that closes the deal. And sometimes, that’s not always a good thing. But no, he’s fine. He’s not — he didn’t come in blood veins bulging, face red, you know. Nothing like beads of sweat, whatever. He was fine. Everything was good in the meeting room til some poor, unknown, uneducated bastard sneezed. Then all bets were off.”

To be fair, this doesn't sound like Vince McMahon. We can easily believe that he's susceptible to distractions, lots of people are. But easily swayed? Vince seems to be as stubborn as they come and it's quite surprising to hear him described that way.

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