Jim Ross Warns AEW Not To Try And Beat WWE At Their Own Game

Most fans are rooting for AEW to succeed, but if it's going to, its higher-ups need to avoid the same mistakes past promotions have made.

We are now less than two weeks away from AEW's first ever show, Double Or Nothing. Talent has been signed, the matches are set, all that's left to do now is for the event to take place. Well, we imagine there are a lot of smaller details that need to be hammered out, but you know what we mean.

Chances are that Double Or Nothing will signal the start of a new era in wrestling. Truth be told, that chapter might have begun when AEW was first announced. If that chapter is going to be a successful one for AEW, the time between Double Or Nothing and the end of 2019 is going to be key. It will hopefully include the start of a weekly show for the promotion and it should have an idea of how many fans are going to follow along.

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One of the biggest acquisitions to date by AEW is someone who won't even be stepping foot in the ring, at least we hope he won't. Jim Ross. Not only will JR be calling the action, but he will also be helping out backstage. His more than three decades in the business will prove to be invaluable experience for AEW. In fact, he has already started offering up some of that advice.

During an appearance on Busted Open Radio, JR revealed that he has already told AEW higher-ups what not to do right out the gate. "I have said this internally with AEW; the worst mistake we can make is trying to chase WWE," JR explained. It may seem simple, but that is an incredibly important piece of advice. If JR had been around to tell Impact that 18 years ago then the wrestling landscape might look very different today.

As laid out above, fans right now are rooting for AEW to succeed. Most of them, anyway. More good wrestling means more options for fans and also more options for the men and women in the business. In a world where more and more fans and wrestlers are becoming disillusioned with WWE, it seems we are in dire need of an alternative. Well, we might be about to get it.


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