Jim Ross Says WWE 'Hit The Gold Mine' With Recent Hire


The WWE have made a lot of new signings over the past few months, with Ricochet, EC3 and War Machine among them. But if you listen to the legendary Jim Ross, he believes one of the best is one that went under the radar, and it’s one that some, if not most WWE fans would have never heard of. He is talking about Jeremy Borash, who made his name in TNA in many different roles over the years, whether it be as a backstage interviewer, ring announcer, commentator or even performer in the last few years. J.R believes that will be invaluable to the future and development of NXT.


While speaking with Sportskeeda to promote his new book about his life in wrestling, the topic of JB came up, and the greatest commentator in WWE history had this to say: “His value, his worth in character creation and development, the production side and he’s got great product knowledge… I think they hit the gold mine with him”, and it’s really hard to argue with him.

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So far it looks like JB’s role will be solely in NXT for now and mostly in a backstage capacity. But it would be great to see him take on as an interviewer, or even a Takeover ring announcer role, because he does that really well. He always gave TNA main events that he announced that big fight feel. Either way, JB is going to play a big role in WWE going forward, and according to JR, that’s a good thing, so who am I to argue?

So what do you guys think? Is JR right here, have WWE hit the gold mine by hiring Jeremy Borash from Impact? Is he overrating JB? Let us know all your thoughts and ideas in the comments below.



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