Jimmer Fredette Makes Strong Case For NBA Return With Incredible Game Against Rockets

Sometimes a player is just on — and when they’re on, it’s just amazing to watch. Jimmer Fredette was that player the other night as he scored 41 points but in a losing effort as his Shanghai Sharks loss 128-86 to the Houston Rockets.

Honestly, there’s hardly anything like watching a basketball player who’s red hot and is seriously scorching the other team. It’s truly one of the best and most rewarding and fun aspects of sports, and titular to the ever-building soap operatic drama and high octane adventure that is found in the NBA. Jimmer Fredette, a former NBA guard, put on a clinic against the Rockets and truly made some people question whether or not he deserved another shot playing in the NBA.


Jimmer Fredette’s play overseas in the Chinese Basketball Association has been nothing but stellar. He’s spent the last two years there playing and has easily become one of the league’s most dominant forces and a genuine star player. “Jimmer” averaged 37 points per game in 2016-2017, the year that he won the CBA’s International MVP award. The star CBA guard averaged 36 points the following year.

Before playing in the CBA and before scorching the James Harden led Rockets in this year’s preseason matchup that crossed-over league play, Fredette was a star collegiate player at BYU and even won the Player of the Year award there in 2011. Since then, he has been more of a journeyman in the NBA, playing for four different teams and never averaging more than eight points a game. But like many players who go to play internationally, Fredette has seemingly found his stride and then some.

It’s hard to gauge exactly what a game like Jimmer Fredette’s means in the larger picture of the NBA. The fact remains, and what can’t be taken from him, is that he performed at a very high level – he literally competed with the best and scored exceptionally well, better than he ever did before when he was a player in the NBA. This can only make teams wonder whether the 29-year old guard should be back in the NBA – and if he can consistently score a fourth of what he did against the Rockets, then he just may be a guard worth having on a roster.

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