Jimmy Butler Wants Out Of Timberwolves Organization

Jimmy Butler is fed up with teammate Karl-Anthony Townes and the T-Wolves, according to many sources. One of the main reasons for Butler’s derision with the team in itself is the nonchalant attitude of the players around him, specifically Townes. Because of that, Butler wants out.

According to Twin Cities, who cited a league source, Butler “has no intentions of signing an extension with Minnesota and is all but fed up with Karl-Anthony Townes, who Butler also says needs to become more of a foxhole player.” Jimmy Butler, a stickler for hard work and a strong player at both ends of the ball, wants to win and in his view of the team, there’s a lack of commitment especially when it comes to defense. Tom Thibodeau, who knows Butler from their time in Chicago with the Bulls, understands the stellar guard’s drive and directness. He said, “Jimmy doesn’t do passive aggressive.”


In addition to his level of intolerance for Townes and some other teammates, it would seem as though the T-Wolves are not necessarily wooing the versatile and rock-steady player either. The report says that Butler feels like “he’s being recruited harder by other teams.” Butler will enter free agency next summer if he doesn’t agree to an extension this summer.

The way it’s looking, if young players and budding stars like Townes and Wiggins don’t step up their game — defensively especially — Butler will not be signing back on and will be taking his talents elsewhere and possibly with someone familiar — Kyrie Irving.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise. Well, at least not when it comes to the NBA these days. If you hadn’t noticed, or if you’re still daydreaming about a different era and generation of pro basketball players, then you probably haven’t embraced that the players run this league, literally, that the athletes have taken control of their contracts, agreements, bargaining, and even destinations of cities and teams that they would like to play for. Even more than that, players want to link up with other players that they know and respect, that they feel closer to, and play with them. Rhe “joining of forces” that’s so reminiscent of YMCA basketball pick-up games and leagues was always fun to watch, but the losing team always felt an unalienable dismay. We can only stand back and watch as some more great NBA drama plays out and possibly hope for another power pairing.


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Jimmy Butler Wants Out Of Timberwolves Organization