Jinder Mahal Posts Hilarious Reaction To Patriots Super Bowl Loss

As we all know by now, the New England Patriots fell in thrilling fashion to the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LII, and there are many people in the WWE who would be upset by that (John Cena and Kofi Kingston included). But there was one man who wasn’t upset at all and that man is former WWE Champion Jinder Mahal who took great pride in the fact that the Patriots lost. Mahal's pride was targeted at Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski, who famously attacked Mahal at WrestleMania in the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal.

The tweet he posted was a simple photo of ‘Gronk’ with the caption: ‘Shouldn’t of hindered…’, with a photo of himself in the corner, and it’s just the best reaction we’ve seen to the Super Bowl result. We’ve seen what happens to people who try and hinder Jinder in the WWE, but this is the first time that someone outside of the WWE has felt that karma, and I for one am glad Mahal is rubbing it in Gronk’s face.


As a known WWE fan, this may invite Gronk back into the WWE to seek retribution on Jinder, but maybe he’s learned his lesson that nothing good comes from hindering Jinder? Either way, this was a hilarious tweet so fair play to the former WWE Champion.

What do you guys think? Great post from Mahal? Would you want to see these two collide in WWE again? Do you care at all about the Super Bowl? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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