John Cena Chill While Being Harassed By Fan In London [Video]

John Cena is a massive star and for a good reason, one of the most chill WWE Superstars you'll ever see. He proved it while in London filming the new Fast & Furious flick.

There's a couple of YouTube videos floating around today where a YouTuber is comes across WWE Superstar and actor John Cena in a local London shop. Realizing he's just bumped into a celebrity, he starts filming on his phone and for his YouTube channel without asking Cena for permission.

You can see in the tweet below the main part of the video where Cena tells the filmer to have a little respect.

We didn't post the YouTube video because we don't want to give this YouTuber more publicity and views to his channel but he clearly doesn't get it. At one point in the video he calls himself "famous" and why he's filming to which Cena responds, "I don't care." and says to the effect, to have some respect and ask to film.

Cena was frustrated because he was well aware this guy was going to use the footage without Cena's permission and the hint was, had he asked, Cena might have obliged an interview or quick question. But, because he didn't and filmed the entire time Cena was in the shop, Cena had no desire to talk to him.

What This Means

While some might argue this isn't much different than TMZ, Cena kept his cool and didn't lose it on the filmer who obviously thinks more of himself than his channel suggests he is. With under 2K subscribers, it's hard to call yourself a "famous" YouTuber.

The YouTuber spent most of the video filming himself and talking about who he was and the video has received a number of comments from people in the UK who say they've never heard of the guy. It was a sad attempt at piggybacking off the celebrity of Cena while in London.

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