John Colins Accidentally Slaps A Kid In The Face While High-Fiving Fans [Video]

There's nothing funnier than when an attempt to do a good thing goes woefully awry. Such is what happened with John Collins on the Atlanta Hawks accidentally high-fived a young man in the face on his way off the court.

Collins was ejected from the game against the Denver Nuggets with 2.6 seconds left in the fourth quarter for a foul — a mean bodycheck on Malik Beasley. Collins didn't take kindly to it.

Beasley's team was up by ten points, the game was out of reach for the Nuggets, but he tried to make a steal with little time left and go in for a bucket, which at the end of the day, would have meant nothing to the outcome of the game. Collins basically body-blocked him out of bounds. Most fans and announcers watching the game knew Beasley was doing something silly but the referees decided to eject Collins for throwing down the opponent. It was a strange decision.

As Collins was leaving the floor, the fans were supportive, he was handing out high fives like candy on Halloween and unfortunately, a young fan, or what could have been a young staffer at the arena took one of those lovely high-fives in the face.

Clearly, there was no intention by Collins to smack the kid in the face and no one is suggesting he did so out of anger. It merely looks to be a situation where Collins wasn't looking, he was just putting his hand in the air and that young man's face was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

What This Means

What does this mean? In the end, absolutely nothing. But it is quite funny when you watch it on video. We assume the young man is ok and because he is, we can laugh about it. Strangely though, Collins didn't stop or even slow down after high-fiving a face and not a hand. You'd think at least he'd have felt the difference and stopped to see if he was ok.

In an NBA where almost every star is giving out game-worn shoes, at least an apology was in order.

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