Exclusive Interview: Johnny Impact Reveals His Response To Austin Aries’ Controversial Tweet

In an exclusive interview with The Sportster, Johnny Impact discussed why Austin Aries' recent Twitter comments affected him in the way that they did.

On Sunday, Oct. 14, 2018, Impact Wrestling will host Bound For Glory. It is the biggest event in the promotion's calendar and is effectively the Impact equivalent of WrestleMania. Tessa Blanchard will defend the Knockouts Championship against Taya Valkyrie, and the latter's husband Johnny Impact will get his shot at Austin Aries' World Title.

The build to that World Championship match has actually gotten a lot more heated than either competitor likely intended it to. It started with a tweet from Impact poking fun at Aries' height. The champ's response was more firey than anyone would have anticipated. In that initial reply, he questioned why it's considered okay for a physical attribute he has no control over to be made fun of. A-Double went on to mention that it would be considered wrong to make fun of Impact's "gay look" or his "husky wife."


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Controversial comments to say the least from Aries, and it has sparked something of a Twitter war as we hurtle towards Bound For Glory. In an exclusive interview with The Sportster, Impact discussed why that initial reply from Aries really got under his skin. "It kind of hit me hard, I felt like I got punched in the stomach because when I read what he said about Taya," Impact revealed.

As with anything and everything on social media, there is always going to be good and bad, and that's why Aries' comments about Valkyrie were what hurt most. "I knew it would affect her and a bunch of fans would jump on the bandwagon and tweet a bunch of positive stuff and negative stuff to her," he went on to say. However, after everything is said and done the match is between him and Aries, and the champ dragging his opponent's wife into things is what has annoyed Impact most.

Once Sunday arrives and Bound For Glory begins, the trash talking on Twitter will stop and the two men will settle their differences in the ring. If everything that has gone down on social media is in fact for real and not a worked angle never fear. It won't be the first time that two wrestlers who strongly dislike each other have stepped in the ring together. What it has done is generated a lot more interest in the match, and if you want to watch it be sure to tune in to Bound For Glory this Sunday at 8 pm Eastern.


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