Jon Moxley Details How Difficult It Was To Work With Brock Lesnar For WrestleMania 32

Jon Moxley has revealed that his WrestleMania 32 match with Brock Lesnar failed to hit the heights because WWE did not respond well to his pitches and ideas, while Brock was basically indifferent over the affair and didn't show any enthusiasm.

Moxley has spared no punches where WWE is concerned following his departure from the promotion at the end of April and, in part two of his interview on the Wade Keller Pro Wrestling Podcast, he recalled how difficult it was to work with The Beast Incarnate.

“And I’m thinking Brock is probably thinking on the same page as me, like, ‘We’re gonna tear it up!’," he said. "And I think he thought he was just doing me a favor, me being in the ring with him was enough to like do awesome things for me. I think that’s what he thought. He didn’t wanna be there, I mean he just put in the — and then the week leading up, I’m like — because this thing is a Street Fight.

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"It’s not a match you can just call in the ring. It’s a Street Fight at WrestleMania, so we’ve gotta get stunts approved and set up, we’ve gotta get props for table bumps, or whatever we’re gonna do. I pitched all this stuff to everybody, all the producers and I feel like I’m just getting ignored. Because our match wasn’t important to any of the producers or writers, or Vince. They just gave me enough to give me the match, but they didn’t give me any help to make it a good angle or like, make it a hotter thing people want to see.

"And [I’m like] ‘Can we do this? Can we do this? Can we, all these different stunts and stuff.’ Like, I’m ready to die in the ring. I’m ready to take the worst — I’m not trying to put Brock through abuse. I’m trying to take the worst beating in the history of the world. I’m ready to be, if he kills me? Great, I’ll go down as a legend. I was ready to do ANYTHING. But in the weeks leading up, the angle was not good, Brock’s not even there half the time, we don’t do anything interesting.”

Brock has never looked like the most enthusiastic man in a ring and is hardly there anyway so this doesn't seem far-fetched at all.

The more Mox says, the more we come to understand just how difficult it was for him to keep up his involvement with WWE and this bit is actually no surprise at all, given Brock's reputation.

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