Jon Moxley Could Continue Working With NJPW After G1 Climax

John Moxley says All Elite Wrestling doesn't have any problems with him continuing to work with New Japan Pro Wrestling once the G1 Climax is done.

The former WWE star has popped up in multiple locations since leaving earlier this year and, having signed on with AEW, he's expected to be a regular when their TV show kicks off on TNT in October.

Moxley is currently competing in NJPW's G1 tournament but his business with the company won't necessarily conclude after the competition comes to a close. According to the man himself, his contract doesn't prevent him from wrestling for the Japanese promotion.

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“Fortunately, there’s no problem in fighting in New Japan while belonging to [AEW]," he told Nikkan Sports in a recent interview. "Going forward, I can always show up in Japan and compete.”

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While Mox is free to wrestle for NJPW, his deal with AEW forbids him from working with any other company while on American soil. He was a notable absentee when G1 started due to the first show being in Dallas.

That the company moved the tourney out of Japan for the first event probably speaks to their plans to gain more traction in the US; and the 33-year-old's affiliation with both promotions could complicate things in the future - although any troubling situation shouldn't be that huge of an issue, plus the chances of overlap will be unlikely.

In the meantime, Moxley has been enjoying creative freedom, the likes he claims he wasn't made to experience in WWE for years.

His negative comments regarding the company's creative division has prompted responses from both Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins, with The Big Dog's retort coming only recently.

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"I'll tell you straight-up: I disagree with what [Dean] Ambrose said about the creative process," he told ESPN. "I love the guy...And wrestling ain't gonna stop that. On a personal level, me and that dude can hang out, have a beer or two and just talk. And even when we don't talk, that's just our relationship.

"Regardless, I love the dude, man," Reigns said. "We came from the bottom and got to where we are now, and he's a huge part of that...We're all gonna do our thing...I enjoy being with the WWE. I'll never be anywhere else."

It's safe to assume that Mox would have made sure that his deal gave him the freedom to compete elsewhere. No one can hold preventing him from competing in the US against AEW, though. It just makes sense that they have domestic exclusivity when it comes to their biggest names.

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