Jon Moxley Rips Vince McMahon, Says WWE's Product "Sucks"

Jon Moxley left the WWE when his contract expired after WrestleMania 35 last month, and he started the next chapter of his illustrious career by debuting with the new AEW promotion last month.

Back in January, WWE confirmed that Moxley (better known as Dean Ambrose in WWE), decided not to sign a new contract and would leave after WrestleMania. That led to rumors that he was bound for AEW, and sure enough, that's where he stands now.

Now that he's out of WWE, Moxley can say whatever he wants about the company without receiving any repercussions. He appeared on the Talk Is Jericho podcast (h/t WrestlingInc.com), and wasted no time ripping Vince McMahon and the current WWE product.

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In the interview, Moxley emphasized his desire to "prove that (WWE's) creative process sucks," and that "it's absolutely terrible." Moxley dived further into his thoughts and took aim at the WWE chairman:

"The bureaucratic red tape that you have to go through to get anything approved is crazy! It doesn't work! It's killing the company and I think Vince is the problem...

If I had a goal with AEW, that's that if we can prove that Vince's way sucks. That's not what I'm going to focus on, because it's not about competing with WWE. We're just going to be over here doing our best and putting on our best product.

If a byproduct of that is that it pushes WWE to re-evaluate their creative process and it makes Vince - not that he's going to step aside because we all know that he's going to die in the chair - but maybe he'll listen to someone else's ideas. Maybe he'll be open to doing it a different way."

Moxley's rant against the WWE certainly has some truth to it. McMahon has fired or mutually parted ways with multiple writers in 2019, and WWE's ratings have dropped significantly in recent weeks.

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It's also quite evident how unhappy the general WWE fan base is right now. There were pro-AEW and anti-Vince signs seen in the crowd on this week's episode of SmackDown Live, which security had to take away.

Vince and WWE's creative team have come under plenty of fire for their refusal to stop pushing Roman Reigns as the main event push, as well as giving Brock Lesnar all of the major perks - including two lengthy Universal Championship reigns and the 2019 men's Money in the Bank ladder match victory. So yes, Moxley makes some strong points about the problems with the current WWE product.

What This Means

Moxley pretty much spoke for a large portion of the WWE Universe here, and his words will earn plenty of support from wrestling fans all over. If Vince and other higher-ups here Moxley's rant, they'll likely just ignore it. But really, they should be listening to what he said and take these words to heart. Maybe they'll finally do something about fixing the stale product for once.

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