Jon Moxley Explains Why Triple H Should Run WWE Over Vince McMahon

When it was first revealed that Jon Moxley (Dean Ambrose in WWE) was planning to leave Vince McMahon's company after WrestleMania 35, the wrestling world was at a loss for words.

Moxley was one of the top main event superstars for seven years. He made up one-third of the legendary Shield faction, was the 2016 men's Money in the Bank winner and enjoyed a reign as the WWE Champion.

But ever since he debuted for the AEW promotion, Moxley has shed some new light on the frustrations in WWE that forced him to leave. He's gone into great detail about how hard it was working with Vince, even admitting that he was never afraid of getting fired by the chairman.

Appearing on Wade Keller’s Pro Wrestling Podcast (h/t Ringside News), Moxley continued to discuss how difficult it can be working with Vince, and why he thinks Triple H is better suited to run the WWE.

Moxley explained that he had to keep "waiting on Vince," so he'd often just go approach the boss to share some ideas, some of which the chairman liked. Moxley even felt like he "was one of Vince’s guys."

That said, went on to talk about why he thinks Vince is holding back the WWE now, before explaining why Triple H is the right man to lead WWE now.

“Over this time, especially the last few months, I didn’t see this ‘genius’ Vince,” Moxley explained. “In the 80’s he was a genius, when he created Hulkamania, took over the territories, and put wrestling on cable television. In 2019 I do not think he knows what is going on. We need to figure it out or step aside and let someone who knows what’s going on takeover.”

"Who else is there [but Triple H]? He has clearly been preparing for this. When Vince isn’t there, he is the guy you go to his ideas are his ideas. He is very cerebral and not super collaborative. He is a guy that thinks about things a lot. I think he is a much better option between the two of them.

He would be more open to giving people more freedom. But, if he sees something and thinks there is a better way he will come and tell you. He watches television and he is the closest thing to Vince that we have.”

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Interestingly, Triple H has hinted at sharing the same views as Ambrose and many WWE fans. On a couple of occasions last month, he "liked" tweets from fans who said The Game should be running WWE over Vince, although Triple H "unliked" them later on.

Vince and the WWE Universe just don't see eye-to-eye anymore on a lot of things. He continues to push Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar as his main event stars, despite years of fan backlash. He's held back many of the elite NXT talents that Triple H worked hard in developing, and now Moxley is gone due in large part to creative frustration. But for now, Vince is going to stay on and continue to run the company that he built four decades ago, for better or worse.

What This Means

Moxley continues to be a voice for the many disgruntled WWE fans and superstars. Of course, the unhappy wrestlers can't openly express their frustrations like he has - but at least we know what the atmosphere is like backstage.

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