Jon Moxley Unmasks AEW Superstar At Northeast Wrestling Show [Video]

Jon Moxley was able to gain a sneaky win over Pentagon Jr. at Northeast Wrestling’s Prison Break event by pulling off his mask.

Losing your mask is about the worst thing that can happen to a Lucha Libre wrestler. So, when Jon Moxley ripped Pentagon Jr’s mask off at the Prison Break show for Northeast Wrestling, it was kind of a big deal. That Pentagon Jr. is one of AEW’s new stars also made the spot more interesting since AEW can’t love the idea that their masked talent might reveal their faces to a non-AEW audience.

The spot came near the end of the match and allowed Moxley to hit dirty deeds for the victory, which you can see in the video below.

The spot didn’t show much of Pentagon Jr’s face to the crowd as he immediately covered up and in a way, it allows him to lose and still look strong considering an argument can be made he only lost to save from revealing himself.

What This Means

This is an old trick that heels often play on babyfaces but in this case, neither wrestler is clearly playing one role. Moxley often acts the heel but he’s not clearly being presented as one and Pentagon Jr. seems to be battling all types of opponents.

Andrade did something similar to Rey Mysterio on recent WWE programming and it led to a segment for Mysterio that showed he’s going to do some serious soul searching. Whether this leads to a program for Moxley and Pentagon Jr. in AEW is unclear.

For Moxley, it was a timely win as he’d lost three-straight matches in the G1 tournament leading into this bout. Both Moxley and Pentagon Jr. will be seen next for AEW at their All Out pay-per-view on August 31, 2019.

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