Jose Mourinho Is Safe For Now With Job In Manchester

Whenever there is a streak of bad situations, you can bet someone, somewhere is thinking about who's getting in trouble for it. In this case, it seems like people are wondering if Jose Mourinho will ever get a big-time gig after Manchester United.

Some people think that this might be coming from a lack of confidence in himself. The speculation comes from strange plays that Jose has been implementing recently. Some of these include him putting three people at the back, substituting a player after a mere eighteen minutes and even moving around the defense.

Now, if spectators are thinking this, it's surely something that the higher-ups are also considering. While that may seem like the case, it certainly isn't, according to sky sports, Jose actually received a text from a Manchester United board member who said that his job was safe for now. This is good news for him because we often hear about people getting sacked based on speculation about their performance, even if it doesn't include one side of the perspective.


Via The Independent

One of the reasons he might not lose his job is that Manchester United seems to have some form of a lack of direction. Although, that seems to be the opinion of Jonathan Northcroft from the Sunday Times.

This can be a bad thing because when there's even the slightest hint of a lack of direction, it can travel all the way down the grapevine. You see, some of these weird decisions being made by Mourinho could be the result of that, however, we cannot be sure of that just yet.

Manchester United won on Saturday against Newcastle with a score of 3-2. This is why it makes these situations so complicated. Generally, when someone helps make a team win, especially an elite manager like Jose Mourhino, you'd expect everyone to be happy. There is even the fact that he's regarded as one of the best managers around, so, with that in mind, it's hard to believe he would get sacked, however, it's not impossible.

Overall, we don't know just yet, the team won but there's some level of skepticism in Jose's style. There is also some level of support for him since, at least for the time being, he's secure.


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