Josh Donaldson Signs A Baseball For Young Fan & Takes Him On The Field

Call it a "baseball" or a very "Josh Donaldson-like" thing to do, but it didn't take long for Josh Donaldson to acquit himself to the city of Cleveland. Making friends quickly, he signed a young fan's baseball then brought him on the field to play catch.

The video of Donaldson's genuine and classy move has gone viral and created all sorts of reactions ranging from how great baseball is to how silly it was the Blue Jays would ever trade such a tremendous person. But, regardless of the opinion you form, you have to admit, seeing Donaldson play catch with a young fan is a pretty cool moment for the game and there's no doubt he made that young kid's day.

For the young man, it has to be assumed that getting an autograph from a player the caliber of Donaldson was already going to be one of the fondest memories of his childhood. But, to find out that one of the better third basemen in recent memory signed the ball "Ethan, thanks for playing catch.", then actually playing catch with him will be something he never forgets. You could tell from the reaction by fans surrounding the boy and shooting the video, they weren't soon to forget it either. You could hear people say "that's big league" and "thanks Josh, that's awesome man." One fan yelled, "welcome to the tribe man!"

Impressively, in what would have been a high-pressure situation for most kids, Ethan was dead-on with his accuracy and nailed every throw and sent strikes to Donaldson like he'd been in this situation before.

Most who have seen the video and commented have shared how this one moment made them Donaldson fans, even if they didn't cheer for his new team the Cleveland Indians. Some asked if anyone else felt like crying.

This was a classy thing to do by any player, but for Donaldson to take the opportunity so early in his tenure with Cleveland (no matter how short that tenure may be) shows that baseball is a game where memories are made.


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