Kalisto Shares Unique Money In The Bank Idea Vince McMahon Pitched

Vince McMahon pitched a unique idea to Kalisto that would involve a pinata taking the place of the Money In The Bank briefcase.

It's unclear right now where exactly the Superstars of WWE's cruiserweight division stand. Even when they were given their own show, 205 Live, they were still also technically a part of the Raw roster and would also appear on Monday nights. That changed without WWE announcing the fact. That has now changed again and we seem to be somewhere between the two worlds.

The cruiserweights don't appear to be Raw Superstars once again, not officially, but some have been appearing on Mondays. Most notably Drake Maverick, the General Manager of 205 Live, who has taken Raw Tag Team Champions the Authors Of Pain under his wing. Lucha House Party has also been making regular appearances on Raw, winning versus The Revival for three straight weeks.


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When it comes to LHP, it would seem that Vince McMahon simply wants them on TV as much as possible. Kalisto recently explained on The Steve Austin Show that the boss is a big fan of the team's act. "Creative started to get on board with everything, especially Vince. Vince got on board with everything," Kalisto explained. The chairman has even looked ahead to what the trio could do at Money In The Bank.

Apparently, Mr. McMahon suggested to Kalisto and the rest of LHP that they replace the MITB briefcase with a pinata.  "How about we put a big ass piñata there and we put the titles in there?" is how the boss put it according to the luchador. If the titles are going to be in there as opposed to a contract we don't know why that idea has to wait until MITB but nevertheless, Kalisto is on board.

LHP must be pretty excited at the way Mr. McMahon has been talking to and using them at the moment. Not only have they won three weeks in a row on Raw, but he has also mentioned the fact that they might be champions sometime in 2019. To do that, they'll need to beat AOP. Even with Lucha House rules in full effect, we think that would be a struggle for Kalisto and co.


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