Karl Anderson Uses His Son To Shoot Down WWE Departure Rumors

Karl Anderson put his son on video and posted it to social media to subtly and possibly shoot down rumors he is leaving WWE.

A few months back, Anderson and fellow tag team partner Luke Gallows conducted an interview suggesting they would be happy to stay with WWE for the duration of their WWE careers. Over the past few weeks, that storyline changed somewhat as the Good Brothers were not used on WWE programming and All Elite Wrestling popped up as a potential option for unhappy WWE Superstars looking to seek employment elsewhere. A report then surfaced that Anderson and Gallows had turned down multi-million dollar deals with WWE and would be leaving the company.

At that time, we wrote, "Now in March, a report via PWInsider is that The Good Brothers are now planning on leaving WWE when their current contracts run out in what is believed to be September of 2019." It was further reported that because negotiations did not go well, the tag team was pulled off of WWE television.

Anderson took to social media on Monday, March 11th and somewhat squashed that report. He used his seven-year-old son Cylus to send a message to fans, "My Dad says, don't believe everything you read." Cylus then began to dance around for the duration of the video in a very cute and humorous post.

The suggestion here is that the rumors aren't true and that perhaps even a child should know better than to take these reports as gospel just because they are out there to be read and swallowed up by wrestling fans. We have reached out for comment from Anderson to put these rumors to bed once and for all, but have yet to hear a response.

What This Means

It sounds as though Karl Anderson (if not both he and Gallows) are actively trying to stick with WWE and would like to sign an extension. Perhaps the reports of friction between the two sides are being over-exaggerated, even if the Good Brothers aren't terribly happy with the way WWE is using them these days.

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