Kenny Omega Admits He Wasn't Good Enough To Become AEW's 1st Heavyweight Champion

All Elite Wrestling superstar Kenny Omega has admitted that he simply wasn't good enough to put himself in a position to become the promotion's first Heavyweight Champion.

The former NJPW performer was expected to be the first AEW wrestler to hold the title after he was booked for a qualifying fight with Chris Jericho at Double or Nothing. He wasn't able to get past the veteran, however.

Jericho will face Hangman Page at All Out on August 31 in a bout that will determine who gets to be AEW's inaugural champ, while Kenny will have to wait his turn.

The 35-year-old spoke about the defeat on The Road to AEW All Out YouTube series, admitting he just wasn't good enough and let his fans down.

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“Everyone trusted me to make a statement on that first show. I felt that I was on another level," he said. "Something that couldn’t be stopped. but I wasn’t good enough. All I had to do was get past Chris Jericho. I was supposed to be the chosen one. It was the expectation that I would be the champion.

"Now I got a lot of work to do. My best performances have always come from behind. My best work has never been because I was handed something, it has always been because I had to work for something, sacrifice something.”

Omega also thanked Jon Moxley for attacking him at the end of his DoN fight, vowing that he won't let "damaged goods" steal his spotlight.

“The real person I owe a thank you to is Moxley," he continued. "You, you’re gonna be the one that inspires me to evolve. You’re the one that’s gonna take me to the next level. You’re the one that’s gonna bring me back to my feet, so I can show everyone just why people around here call me the best.

"I know where you come from - of course I do. I know your history. I know you’re damaged goods. And I know that you want to make a statement, probably more than anyone. And that fuels me. I’m not gonna let you take the spotlight from me."

Many supporters were likely to have been left disappointed by Omega's failure to claim a victory against Jericho but there will be plenty of other opportunities for him to collect. For now, AEW fans should be anticipating the Jericho/Page fight that can't come soon enough.

Quotes h/t Sescoops.com & Cagesideseats.com

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