Kenny Omega Registers A Historic AEW First At Fight For The Fallen

Kenny Omega wrestled his third AEW match at Fight for the Fallen, and shockingly, it was his first singles win for the promotion.

After AEW's existence was first confirmed, there was one big name fans wanted know about. Kenny Omega. Shockingly, it wasn't a given that The Cleaner would be joining up with his Bullet Club brethren in their new promotion. Despite what Omega has said about WWE and how they treated him in the past, he actually listened to what Vince McMahon had to offer.

Sadly for Mr. McMahon and the WWE Universe, Omega wound up opting for AEW. At Double Or Nothing, he made his debut for the promotion against Chris Jericho in a losing effort. Two weeks ago, Omega teamed with The Young Bucks in a match against The Lucha Bros and Loredo Kid. Omega was on the winning team in that one, but he still walked into Fight for the Fallen this weekend with an unfamiliar record.

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As of this weekend, Omega was signed to a promotion in which he did not have one singles win. On Saturday night, he made sure to change that, but it did not come easy. For the first time ever, Omega and CIMA went one on one. Shocking considering the amount of time both wrestlers have spent in Japan.

The two men went to war in what was the match of the night up until this point. We say up until this point as, at the time of typing this, the show's main event is still ongoing. A couple of times, the action between Omega and CIMA got so physical that we were convinced they were suffering real injuries. Most notably when The Cleaner got bent in half over that tiny table.

Omega will be glad to finally have an AEW singles win under his belt due to what's coming next. A match with Jon Moxley at All Out. If you thought his match with CIMA was hard to watch at times, you ain't seen nothing yet. Moxley versus Omega is a match we could have only dreamed of this time last year. In less than two months time, we will get to see it go down.

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