Kenny Omega & PAC Were Very Unhappy With their All Out Match

Chris Jericho has revealed that both Kenny Omega and PAC were upset with their match at All Out last weekend.

The AEW stars went head-to-head at the PPV, with PAC outlasting Omega. But he wasn't satisfied despite the win as the match was shorter than they were hoping for. The pair apparently had a lot more planned but were forced to leave certainthings out as time did not allow for all of it.

“Afterward, both Kenny and PAC were mad because, I guess, their match was too long and they ran out of time, and they had to cut a bunch of stuff, and they were not happy about it and meanwhile, it’s like the best match on the show,” Jericho said on his Talk is Jericho podcast (h/t Sescoops.com).

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Jericho also compared Omega and PAC to Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit, claiming that they're their harshest critics and are always looking to be better no matter how great they performed.

“They remind me so much of Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit, in that these guys are putting on these amazing, amazing matches but they were always mad because something didn’t go right or they didn’t hit a punch or kick the way they wanted it to, originally," he continued. "They were always really hard on themselves for this.”

Omega was supposed to fight Jon Moxley at All Out but the former WWE star pulled out of the match because of a staph infection in his elbow and was replaced by PAC.

Moxley vs. Omega has been re-booked and will face off at a PPV called Full Gear set for November 9 at Baltimore's Royal Farms Arena. The show will air on B/R Live, FITE TV and other traditional PPV outlets.

This Can Only Be Good

We would probably have enjoyed watching all what Omega and Pac had planned for All Out but time seems to be a point of focus for the new promotion and it's unfortunate that they weren't able to showcase everything they had in store.

That they're unhappy with their performances only speaks to the high standards both men hold themselves to and it's quite admirable. We can expect to see a lot more put on display when AEW goes to television next month.

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