Kenny Omega Says He Would Be In WWE If Money Was His Motivation

One of wrestling's biggest independent stars, Kenny Omega is often in the conversation when discussing WWE and who the company might want to bring in. Omega says if it was about money, he'd already be a part of the largest wrestling promotion in the world.

Currently the IWGP Heavyweight Champion, Omega spoke with The Business Times while at the gaming convention, Gamestart Asia 2018. He said, "I am sort of very much a part of representing an alternative. If my motivation was money, I would already be in the WWE."

He discussed the fact that when he was growing up and first getting into wrestling, everything was WWE. As he got older, he began to realize there were local wrestling groups and bigger promotions like WCW, ECW, and professional wrestling in Mexico. It wasn't until later he realized there was wrestling in Japan. With so many options and a variety of styles to choose from, he started looking down on WWE. He added, "I was down on the current product and I wanted to create a style and have matches that my friends, my family, and other athletes could watch and enjoy."

via Sports Illustrated

Omega did admit there is a large chunk of the wrestling audience that loves the type of product WWE delivers. "They think that's the right way and that's okay but I'm not trying to impress those people," he said. "I'm trying to open the world to a different style, what pro-wrestling has the potential to be."

What This Means

WWE will stay the eminent brand in sports entertainment for the foreseeable future. But, as a wrestling company, they are only starting to gain traction thanks to the inclusion of Superstars who have joined NXT and a bigger focus on longer matches with guys and girls who don't just look the part.

If this were five years ago, Omega would be bang on. But, as WWE shifts to more and more "wrestling" content, there is a place for styles the like one Omega offers. One day, it won't just about the money. He may be attracted to WWE because the temptation to wrestle with the best will be there.

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