Kenny Omega Throws Shade At WWE's Ageing Part-Time Superstars

WWE tend to use a lot of Superstars from their past to help boost ticket sales, and Kenny Omega has picked up on that.

Kenny Omega doesn't exactly have the best relationship with WWE, and he recently took a shot at the promotion for using a lot of older stars.

The way WWE is currently conducting its business has the wrestling world extremely split. Since NXT has effectively become its very own promotion almost independent from the watchful gaze of Vince McMahon, the world's best wrestlers have been flocking there as Triple H attempts to sign them all. Some believe that to be good for the business while others think it's doing quite the opposite.

While on the surface it feels as if WWE is taking top talent away from other promotions, when you look at the wrestling scene as a whole right now it is better than it has been for a long time. One man who is largely responsible for that is Kenny Omega. The New Japan star has been working tirelessly to get more fans watching the NJPW product, and he has aided independent wrestling as a whole in the process.


While Omega will tell you that he doesn't hate WWE, he is certainly not the promotion's biggest fan. At the beginning of his career, The Cleaner spent some time in WWE's developmental system. He disliked it there so much that he almost gave up wrestling altogether. While he doesn't hold a grudge as leaving WWE is the best thing that could have happened to him at that time, Omega does take the odd shot at his former employers.

The latest of those shots happened on Twitter over the weekend. A fan posted a photo of video game SmackDown: Shut Your Mouth, an old WWE game for PlayStation 2, tagging Omega in the post. The former IWGP US Champion replied, "Isn't that the poster for their next PPV?". While it was meant as a joke, he sort of has a point. Four of the five stars on the cover are still WWE Superstars, and the game was released in 2002.

WWE is often criticized for its use of older, part-time Superstars. The company's current roster is arguably more stacked with younger talent than it ever has been before, so the continued use of wrestlers such as Triple H and Brock Lesnar can be a little frustrating for some fans. They compete sporadically and take spots away from those who compete all year round. They do draw fans though, and that's why they will continue to get those spots.


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Kenny Omega Throws Shade At WWE's Ageing Part-Time Superstars