Kenny Omega Signs With AEW, Scuffles With Chris Jericho

At the Double or Nothing Rally, Kenny Omega appeared outside the MGM Grand in Las Vegas to announce he has officially signed full-time with All Elite Wrestling.

With that news, the official Omega to WWE watch is over.

Wrestling fans shouldn't really be surprised. After Omega failed to show up at the Royal Rumble and with videos popping up online with Omega, Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks all talking like close friends and business associates (which they are), it was really just a matter of time and the buzz coming into the rally was that Omega would appear.

He made this way out, apologized to the fans that it took so long for him to appear and said he was a full-time member of the All Elite Wrestling family. He recalled starting the idea of the Elite name with the Young Bucks and that the trio called themselves elite. Omega now being AEW means he can stop talking and show everyone what being elite is all about.

He added that he was here to change the world.

Before he could get too far into what role he might play at Double Or Nothing in May, Omega was cut off by Chris Jericho's music. Jericho made his way to the stage and before any words were spoken, the two got into a scuffle that needed to be separated by AEW security. The two were broken up and the rally ended.

What This Means

The likely main event for All or Nothing will now be Jericho versus Omega II. The two fought against each other for New Japan Pro Wrestling but with both talents now signed by AEW, it only makes sense to hold the rematch as the first big bout at the company's first main event.

This is just another step towards AEW being taken more seriously as a real threat and legitimate competition to WWE. Omega alone won't make the difference but with the money that was being offered by WWE and Omega instead choosing an upstart company, the new wrestling promotion is clearly ready to play ball.

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