Kenny Omega Threatens Jim Cornette After Tweet

One thing is crystal clear, Kenny Omega and Jim Cornette don't seem to like each other much. Cornette doesn't get along with a lot of people thanks to his old school approach to wrestling and his often outdated ideas on how wrestlers should wrestle. He's entitled to his opinion but when you consider Omega sits about as far as one could on the other end of the spectrum, it's no wonder these two are having another social media battle especially when Cornette calls Omega out for a match he wasn't even in.

Recently, Cornette tweeted a video of Kota Ibushi in a match where he was part of a series of reverse piledriver rolls. The move was fun to watch and athletic in its execution, but not very realistic in its ability to sell the idea that a performer could be hurt by a devastating move. Wrestling purists likely hated it while fans who like to see high-flying aerobatics likely thought it was fantastic. Cornette fell in the former category.

Where Omega enters the picture is because Cornette called him out by name suggesting his style of wrestling is another example of what has made new generation wrestlers a disgrace. The tweet is NSFW and contains explicit language but can be viewed here.

via fanfest.com

Jim Cornette: "So apparently this is the "great" Kota Ibushi that some people rave about, another piece of sh-t playing wrestler that hangs around with noted disgrace to our business @KennyOmegamanX . Birds of a feather sh-t the same, apparently. Someone please tell him I said F-ck You.

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Being called out by name didn't sit well with Omega who felt Cornette was simply using Omega's name to build an audience. He said, "Jim, I warned you about this. I said you could use my name to continue making your living as long as you refrain from polluting my TL. Don't force my hand." This is not a new stance by many wrestlers and celebrities who understand people are going to talk but when one tweets at another, it goes to their timeline as do all sorts of comments and remarks a wrestler like Omega likely doesn't want to read.

This is just another in a long line of fights Cornette has tried to pick to stay relevant and while he may have his supporters, most will likely agree that it's not cool to post trash talk directly onto someone else's timeline.

Neither is afraid to get dirty when it comes to social media so this battle is probably just getting started.

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