Kenny Omega Has Still Not Rejected His Contract Offer From WWE [Rumor]

While most of The Elite is planning on what's first for their new promotion, two members are rumored to still be mulling over WWE contract offers.

At midnight PST on January 1, 2019, the news finally dropped. Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks admitted that all the speculation about them starting their own promotion was in fact true. During an episode of Being The Elite they, along with Hangman Page, creatively confirmed the existence of All Elite Wrestling as well as its first big show, Double Or Nothing.

What that sadly means is those four wrestlers will not be becoming WWE Superstars, at least not any time soon. We say sadly, that might come as good news to some of you. It also likely means that the rumors Rhodes turned down a seven-figure deal from Vince McMahon might well be true. That being said, what about the notable absences?


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The newest episode of BTE did not feature Kenny Omega. That would suggest The Cleaner isn't yet a part of All Elite Wrestling. According to Sportskeeda, that might well be because he hasn't yet written off signing with WWE. The site reported the rumor this week that Omega has been offered a sizeable deal by WWE, and is due to meet with Mr. McMahon and Triple H sometime soon.

Sources are claiming WWE is offering Omega a $3.5 million contract, so in keeping with Rhodes claims he was offered a seven-figure sum. Plus, his contract includes "language that will grow and promote his gaming aspirations." It should also be noted that Omega has quite a few friends working at WWE right now. Most notably his fellow gamer Xavier Woods who has been rumored to be trying to convince The Cleaner to join him.

WWE has made some pretty massive acquisitions from the independent scene over the last few years. It's probably fair to say that the biggest to date has been AJ Styles. However, if it were to land Omega, The Cleaner's arrival may eclipse The Phenomenal One showing up. One thing is for certain, if Omega does arrive in WWE this year, we better get a match between him and Styles at WrestleMania 36.


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