Kevin Durant Has No Idea How Knicks Rumors Started

Kevin Durant has said that he has "no clue" regarding the origins of the rumors linking him with a move to New York after he becomes a free agent.

The nine-time All-Star is poised to hit the free agency market at the end of the season and he will be contacted by just about every team who can afford him. The Knicks will certainly be in the running and it is believed that they stand a good chance of snagging Durant.

On Tuesday, Stefan Bondy of the New York Daily News asked Durant if he would consider a switch to Madison Square Garden.

"I have no clue where that stuff comes from," Durant replied. "I just focus on playing ball every single day. I can't control what people say about me or what they say about my future or what I should do but I just try to come to work every single day and life will figure itself out from here."

Rumors of Durant's Warriors exit were exacerbated by his on-court spat with teammate Draymond Green late last year and the general belief is that he will walk away from the team in the summer.

As such, Knicks legend Walt "Clyde" Frazier has boldly stated that Durant would definitely be considered a candidate for the coveted GOAT title if he leads New York to a championship.

"I think that's what he needs. Especially if the Warriors win this year, I think he'd be looking for a different challenge," Frazier declared, per Bondy. "I don't know a better place than New York where he can do it...If he could bring a title to New York, that's going to catapult him with Jordan and LeBron, I would think."

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What This Means

The NBA could be turned on its head if Durant moves to New York next season. His move to the Warriors, as much as it was surprising, wasn't as tide-shifting as they probably would have won their last two titles without him anyway.

A switch to the Knicks, though, would certainly tilt the balance in the league, as a team boasting Durant, Kristaps Porzingis and a lottery pick would be one of the most formidable therein.

For now, it's all up to time. But it will surely be an intriguing summer for the NBA.


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