Kevin Nash Reveals Where The NWO Got Their Catchphrases From

The New World Order (nWo), is one of the most influential stables of all-time, as Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash led a new era of wrestling for WCW throughout the mid-to-late '90s.

Known for their iconic entrance music, logo and epic catchphrases, the nWo remains as memorable and beloved today as they were 20 years ago. The "Too Sweet," and "For Life," phrases live on for wrestling fans who grew up watching them.

In an interview with The Two Man Power Trip (h/t WrestlingInc.com), Nash went into full detail on how the nWo came up with their catchphrases.

"When I met Scott, he was more of a country-western guy and I was born and raised in Detroit so I was always kind of a Motown guy and once West Coast rap got really hot and especially Death Row it was we began listening to Death Row a lot in the car and there was this old Mack 10 song and in this Mack 10 song they rob a McDonald's and one dude says to the other dude in the car that he'd been wanting to do that for two years and the other guys says that he'd been wanting to do that FOR LIFE, so that is where we got that.

Most of our catch phrases and those things we did we got from West Coast rap. Immediately, I remember I put my headband on backwards like 2 Pac. Here is a thirty five year old white guy with his headband on backwards but it worked."

Indeed, it did work out just fine for the nWo. Merchandise sales were sky-high through the '90s, and the group - which featured Hogan's life-changing heel turn - completely changed the wrestling industry.

In the blink of an eye, the nWo became the hottest storyline in all of wrestling, as WCW quickly toppled the WWF in ratings. Over time, of course, the storyline grew stale, and the nWo ultimately led to the downfall of WCW.

But there's simply no telling how different the wrestling world would have been without the nWo. Perhaps Vince McMahon doesn't launch the Attitude Era, which maybe means no D-Generation X or legends of Steve Austin and The Rock.

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Eric Bischoff was attended a New Japan Pro Wrestling Show in 1996, and that inspired him to come up with the nWo storyline. Next up, they were inspired by Death Row, and began using the "For Life" motto.

And the rest, as they say, is history. The nWo formed in 1996, and they together changed the industry of professional wrestling for a half-decade, both in WCW and even for the WWF.


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