Kevin Owens To Feud With Bobby Lashley Over The IC Title Upon Return [Rumor]

Bobby Lashley became Intercontinental Champion on Raw this week, and may have to defend it against Kevin Owens very soon.

WWE often has trouble making its secondary titles mean something. John Cena had some success with the US Title and his open challenges, however, that does not work for everyone. There was a point under the care of Seth Rollins that the Intercontinental Title started to mean something again. It is now up to its new holder, Bobby Lashley to return us to that time.

Dean Ambrose's latest run with the prestigious championship was a short one. It came to an end this week on Raw as Lashley won the title in triple threat action. It's the first time Lashley has been IC Champion and his first title win since returning to WWE in 2018. Now fans want to know what WWE has in store for Lashley as champion.


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The current rumor is that Kevin Owens will be one of Lashley's first challengers. While talking about the great shape KO is currently in, Joe Peisich of Barnburner's Fired Up told fans to expect an Owens-Lashley feud over the IC Title. In fact, Peisich is of the belief that the feud could begin "possibly as early as the day after the Royal Rumble."

While the arrival of the latest NXT call-ups was incessantly advertised for weeks, the returns of Owens and Sami Zayn have not received the same publicity. That could be viewed in two possible ways. Either WWE doesn't have big plans for the pair, or they want fans to be relatively surprised when they do show up. KO popping up out of nowhere and powerbombing Lashley onto the edge of the apron would definitely get a big reaction.

Prior to Owens getting injured he had lost his way a little. For months he was basically running scared from Braun Strowman. That's not the KO most fans want to see. We want the ruthless former NXT Champion who confronted Cena upon his arrival on the main roster. The guy who stunned us into silence when he headbutted Vince McMahon. Fingers crossed that's the Owens who returns to take on Lashley in a couple of weeks.


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