Kevin Owens Delivers CM Punk-Like Promo On SmackDown Live [Video]

Kevin Owens opened Tuesday's episode of SmackDown Live with an epic promo that has fans comparing it to something CM Punk did that made him a star.

"I've sat back, been a good guy, a good company guy and tried not to piss anyone off for too long and I'm done with that," started Owens. This rant came not long after Owens had been removed from the arena and his main event match canceled by Shane McMahon before the start of SmackDown Live. Clearly mad that Shane was, once again, stealing the spotlight for himself and abusing his authority, Owens teed off.

He added, "the only thing that's happened since then is Shane McMahon has gotten more power, more authority and more TV time than anyone trust me when I say, nobody watching ever wanted that!"

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There was lot more before Shane finally had the production crew shut off Owens' mic. Of course, he grabbed another one, kept going, had that one shut off too and continued into Byron Saxton's commentary mic until chased away by security. All of it led to Owens becoming WWE's arguably most-over babyface in a matter of minutes.

What This Means

Owens just became a star. Already popular, he's now got the Internet wrestling community firmly on his side because he name-dropped WWE Superstar the fans have wanted to see get a better shake for months. He is now the guy speaking what everyone is thinking.

In many ways, Owens is becoming the new Stone Cold Steve Austin. He speaks for the people, he has a worthy adversary in Shane (Austin had Vince) and ironically enough, he's delivering the Stunner to people.

Eventually, he might take some heat because of the similarities, but right now, everyone is far too massive a fan of what just happened to be anything but thrilled.

The question that will follow is just how much of this was a scripted rant or how much freedom Owens had to say what he said?

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