Backstage News On WWE Adding Another Big Match To Extreme Rules Card

There are currently 10 matches listed for this Sunday's Extreme Rules pay-per-view event, but it sounds like WWE will be adding one more marquee match some time between now and the start of the show.

According to John Pollock of Post Wrestling, it's expected that Kevin Owens will be pitted against Dolph Ziggler, thus adding an 11th match to the card. The former Universal Champion and Ziggler have clashed on the last two episodes of SmackDown Live, so it makes perfect sense to have them settle the score this Sunday.

Owens began a massive babyface push last week when he attacked Ziggler at the end of SmackDown. The two had insulted one another during at the start of the episode, with Owens mocking Ziggler for rarely winning matches (after Ziggler took a shot at Owens by suggesting he enter a hot dog eating contest).

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This week, Ziggler began the show with an interview in the parking lot. Owens drove up from behind, interrupted the interview and proceeded to get into a brawl with Ziggler. Officials and Shane McMahon had to intervene, and the SmackDown commissioner ordered Owens to leave.

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Later on in the show, Owens delivered an incredible Pipe Bomb promo, where he took shots at Shane and the McMahon family for taking up immense television time. Owens also performed a Stunner on Shane O'Mac when the latter interfered in the Ziggler-Roman Reigns main event match.

It's been rumored that Owens and McMahon will face off at the Aug. 11 SummerSlam pay-per-view in Toronto, Ontario. If that ends up being the case, then WWE will have to conclude the Owens-Ziggler program in short time. Sunday could mark the end of their short but sweet feud; one that is helping Owens rise to main event status.

What This Means

Owens and Ziggler have delivered some excellent on-screen chemistry, and both are superb in-ring performers, so it makes sense to put the two superstars on the card here. With WWE pushing Owens as a main event face, they need to pit him against numerous heels in order to get fully over. Ziggler is the perfect opponent for Owens to clash with until he eventually faces Shane McMahon.

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