Kevin Owens Wanted To Do His Heel Turn Differently

WWE superstar Kevin Owens returned from a knee injury and lengthy absence in February, and it looked like he was about to embark on a babyface run once and for all.

But instead, WWE decided to turn the former Universal Champion into a bad guy once again. With Daniel Bryan injured, WWE had to find somebody that could feud with long-time babyface Kofi Kingston.

Two weeks ago, Owens attacked Kingston and his long-time New Day partner, Xavier Woods - cementing yet another bad guy run. But in a recent interview with The Wrap, Owens admitted that he would have preferred if his heel turn went down differently.

"I wish I would have been able to stay on the other side of the fence a little longer, to be honest. I don’t think anybody’s really seen me as a babyface ever, or, like, the way that I envision myself being...But, you know, what’s done is done. If I’m gonna speak candidly about it, I would have done it differently. I would have turned on Kofi differently at a different time."

That said, Owens did admit that he was "wrong" and said the heel turn was "effective" because of Kingston's popularity with the WWE Universe right now. So at the end of the day, Owens realizes that the heel turn was for the better, and he's going to continue to relish the role.

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Since being brought up to the WWE's main roster in 2015, Owens has almost always portrayed a heel character. In his friendship storyline with Chris Jericho, however, Owens often received favorable reactions from the crowd. He even earned massive roars after winning the Universal Championship on the Aug. 29 episode of Monday Night Raw.

Even though Owens deserves a main event babyface run, WWE made a safe call in turning him heel to clash with Kingston while Bryan is injured. K.O. has excelled in the role time and time again, so if anything else, the heel turn has to be viewed as a compliment.

What This Means

Most of the top superstars in WWE have endured at main event runs as both babyfaces and heels, but Owens continues to wait for the day where he can be a good guy. It could be a while away, but right now, he's just too good of a heel to the point where WWE doesn't need to change things.

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