Kevin Owens Has Told WWE He Isn't Going To Saudi Arabia [Rumor]

Kevin Owens has reportedly told WWE that he won't be going back to Saudi Arabia and has no interest in participating in the Super ShowDown.

The SmackDown star joins Daniel Bryan and John Cena as performers who are refusing to follow WWE to the Middle East.

Vince McMahon's insistence on hosting shows in Saudi Arabia has been the cause of much complaint and controversy. But the calls for him to stop taking his wrestlers to the Middle Eastern state have been ignored, with both the Greatest Royal Rumble and Crown Jewel taking place there in 2018.

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Per Fightful, Owens has informed the promotion of his intention not to join up and he won't be booked for the show as a result. At the moment, it's unclear whether or not this decision is linked to his good friend Sami Zayn being kept away from Saudi shows as a result of the latter hailing from Syria. But that is believed to be Owens' reason for refusing to take part.

It is also being suggested that his absence has triggered the return of Dolph Ziggler. WWE brought Ziggler back to SmackDown on Tuesday and he's likely to challenge current WWE Champion Kofi Kingston for the title at the PPV.

Owens took part in last year's Greatest Royal Rumble but wasn't involved in Crown Jewel due to injury. It appears that he will also miss the third Saudi event, this time as a result of his choosing.

What This Means

WWE's continued visits to Saudi Arabia hasn't sat well with a large section of the WWE Universe and many wrestlers are thought to be against going over there but only a handful have refused to.

As mentioned above, Owens' reason for not wanting to head back there is still unknown. But, to be fair, any reason would be a good one.

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