Kevin Owens Calls SmackDown "The Most Liberating Experience" In His Career

Kevin Owens turned babyface on SmackDown Live last week after attacking long-time heel Dolph Ziggler at the end of the episode, and the former Universal Champion stole the show once again on Tuesday.

At the beginning of SmackDown, WWE aired a Ziggler interview in the parking lot. Owens drove up from behind and interrupted by honking his car horn. That led to a massive brawl in the parking lot between the two, before Shane McMahon and security personnel intervened.

Owens also dropped an epic and universally praised pipe bomb promo, taking aim at the McMahon family. Owens ranted about the McMahons taking up television time and that it makes "me sick" and it makes him want to "smash my head on this stupid (announcer's ) table."

Some WWE superstars took to Twitter to show their support for Owens after he dropped the pipe bomb promo. Later on, O'Mac interfered in the Ziggler-Roman Reigns main event match, but Owens came out of nowhere and hit the SmackDown commissioner with a Stunner. That helped Reigns pick up the win over Ziggler, closing out a tremendous and memorable episode.

Owens took to Twitter on Wednesday afternoon and called Tuesday night "the most liberating experience" of his illustrious career so far.

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This week marked Eric Bischoff's second week as Executive Director of SmackDown Live, and he's obviously keen on building a large part of his product around Owens. The latter hasn't been in the main event picture since his Universal Championship reign ended two years ago, but everything is finally looking up for Owens again.

Owens isn't on the Extreme Rules card, but it wouldn't be a surprise if he made an appearance - possibly in the Reigns-Undertaker and McMahon-Drew McIntyre tag team match.

What This Means

Owens is emerging as one of the top main eventers once again, this time as a babyface. The fans have always admired him - even as a heel - and it was long overdue for WWE to push Owens again. Now, we get to sit back and watch him go after Shane O'Mac and the other villains on SmackDown as Owens starts up his first babyface run on the main roster.

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