Kevin Owens Reveals The Wrestler Who Inspired Him As A Kid

Kevin Owens has named the star who motivated him to become a wrestler.

Owens has put together a good career with WWE so far, having won the Universal Championship, the Intercontinental Championship and the United States Championship during his five-year tenure with the company.

The SmackDown Live performer, who recently spoke on Lillian Garcia's podcast, revealed that Davey Boy Smith (also known as The British Bulldog) was the first wrestler to leave an impression on him but Shawn Michaels was the one who inspired him to dream big even though he was a diminutive kid.

"When I was 11, my dad brought home a tape of WrestleMania 11," he said (h/t Wrestling Inc). "It was a VHS and he had rented it from the local video store. We watched it and that was it. I sat down with him and about two hours in I said that it was what I wanted to do for a living.

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"The first wrestler that I saw that grabbed me was Davey Boy Smith. He was a super-jacked guy who was doing all these incredible things and I thought that this guy was really cool and as the show went on I appreciated everything I watched and then Shawn Michaels - because at the time I was really scrawny and pretty small.

"People thought I was 7 or 8 even though I was 11 so when Shawn Michaels, the smallest guy on the show came out, who ended up being the best wrestler on the shows, so I thought if he can do it I can too."

This isn't surprising at all. HBK was one of the most popular wrestlers during his heyday and is one of the most impressive performers the industry has ever seen. The 53-year-old likely inspired many of this generation's stars but he's now busy training the next, having taken up a role at WWE's Performance Center.

Owens, meanwhile, could go on to become just as popular as Michaels but he'd probably admit that WWE involving him in that story with Braun Strowman didn't do him much good.

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