King Maxel Has Got His Sights Set On WWE's 24/7 Championship

It may have only just been unveiled, but King Maxel has already made it pretty clear he wants to win the 24/7 Championship.

Considering the number of titles WWE currently has across all its brands, the last thing we expected was the addition of another one. Nevertheless, here we are with one more championship in the company than there was two days ago. The 24/7 Championship. Mick Foley unveiled the title on Raw this week. Fitting as it is effectively the Hardcore Championship in everything but name.

Despite the 24/7 Title having been in existence for less than 24 hours at the time of typing this, it has already had three holders. Titus O'Neil will forever be known as WWE's first-ever 24/7 Champion. He was quickly pinned by Robert Roode. After Roode frantically ran from a group of eager wannabes, he was eventually tricked by R-Truth who is the current champ. That is unless something happens on SmackDown Live.


Foley explained that not only is the title always on the line, it is also open to anyone. Any Superstar on any brand. We're assuming that applies to female Superstars, and someone is hoping that it applies to children. Although he is not under contract to WWE and is also just three years old, King Maxel has declared his interest in the new championship.

Drake Maverick posted a mocked-up wanted poster with a photo of R-Truth holding the title and posted it on Twitter. Maxel, or whoever is in charge of the King's account, edited the photo so that his own handle is at the bottom and posted it himself. Not only should Truth be worried, but Maverick should be too. Maxel already holds one victory in the wrestling business, and it was over Maverick while he was Rockstar Spud in Impact.

Opinion currently seems to be pretty split over whether this new title is a good idea. Some fans don't like the comedy that comes with it, but that is ultimately the point. Superstars who rarely make it on to WWE TV now have a purpose. It might seem demeaning, but it's better than not being on TV at all. Plus, if night one of the title's existence is anything to go by, we could be in for some pretty entertaining segments and angles.


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