Kofi Kingston Hits Back At Billy Graham's Steroid Comments

WWE champion Kofi Kingston has responded to Billy Graham's comments after the former wrestler suggested he should start using steroids.

Kingston defeated Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania 35 earlier this month to win his first big title after a wave of overwhelming support from the fans. He has had his critics, however, with Graham clearly not a fan of his title run, branding it a joke after the star was announced for the PPV. Graham would also write up a post on his Facebook page advising Kofi to use steroids so he could put on another 50 pounds.

Speaking to Newsweek in a recent interview, Kofi declared that people's opinions don't matter to him, the only thing that does is the fact that he's WWE champion.

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“I heard a few things through the grapevine," he said. "Honestly, I haven’t seen them myself. People can say whatever they want. But as long as they turn on the television, they will see me as champion. That’s really all that matters, and I don’t have a comment about people’s opinions. People are entitled to their own opinion as far as what a WWE Champion should be, but the fact is that I am WWE Champion and that’s a fact. It is what it is.”

Kofi's WrestleMania win marked the very first time that someone born in Africa became WWE champion. And the Ghanaian says he takes pride in being a beacon of hope for everyone else on the continent.

“It’s so important to have representation for all races on TV," he remarked. All people, from all walks of life. So when other people look at the television screen they can see and identify with that person doing great things.

"It’s very powerful and motivating and inspiring. So for me to be the inspiration for kids who look like me, for kids from any race who have struggled or continues to struggle or have any obstacles to overcome, I take a lot of pride in being that beacon of hope. I take pride in being the guy that people can look up to and believe in themselves because of what I’ve done. So it’s an honor to be in that role and represent so many people.

"I want to be the true champion of the people, and I take a lot of pride in having that role.”

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What This Means

That was really some bizarre advice from the Hall of Famer. Urging someone to use steroids in this day and age, despite him already being so talented is just plain wrong, considering that wrestlers have died as a result of taking such before.

In any case, Kofi got to the very top by being just the way that he's always been and we doubt he's going to change anytime soon.

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