Kofi Kingston Addresses Fans Choosing To Eat The Pancakes New Day Thow At Them

If you happen to catch one of the pancakes The New Day throws into the crowd, we would not recommend that you eat them.

If you're anything like us here at TheSportster, you will have wondered what Kofi Kingston winning the WWE Championship was going to mean for The New Day. Three months into his reign and it turns out, not much at all. New Day is still together and things have pretty much continued on as normal. Kingston competes in more singles matches but he is still very much a New Day member.

What many fans are waiting to see is a more serious side from Kingston. We may have gotten our first glimpse of that this week on SmackDown. As Samoa Joe demanded the champ shake his hand, Kingston responded by flipping him off. He then proceeded to drop his Extreme Rules challenger with a Trouble in Paradise.

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In terms of things about Kingston that aren't very champion-like, throwing pancakes into the crowd is right up there. It doesn't look like that will be disappearing from our screens any time soon, though. The WWE stalwart recently spoke about his and New Day's pancake-throwing antics during an interview with The Wrap. In particular, what fans choose to do with the pancakes they catch.

"Not only do some of them come out of my championship belt, some of them also come out from Big E's singlet," Kingston explained. Honestly, if you didn't already realize that and have eaten one of New Day's pancakes, that's on you. That's pretty much exactly what Kingston said after clarifying that Big E keeps some of the pancakes in his singlet on the way to the ring.

A fan who caught a pancake recently spoke to Wade Keller on The Wade Keller Pro Wrestling Post Show. She revealed that she still had the pancake with her and that it "smelled like a person." That would be enough for us to never even consider taking a bite out of it. Perhaps other fans have stronger stomachs, and we're sure some who catch a pancake wolf it down then and there.

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