Kofi Kingston Wants To See A Sting vs. Undertaker Dream Match

The wrestling world has been clamoring for a dream match between Sting and The Undertaker for over two decades now, but as time passes, it's becoming more and more evident that we'll never get to see the two legends face off in a WWE ring.

Last week, WWE teased a potential dream match between The Icon and The Deadman when they posted a photo of the two in the ring with the caption "Imagine..."

Sting is now 60 years of age and had to retire three years ago after suffering a serious neck injury at Night of Champions 2015. The Undertaker is still going strong at the age of 54, and he's teaming up with Roman Reigns at Extreme Rules this Sunday, where they'll face Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre.

Even though Sting is retired, some fans and wrestlers refuse to let the dream match die, and WWE Champion Kofi Kingston is one of them. In an interview with Vicente Beltran of Planeta Wrestling (h/t WrestlingInc.com), Kingston explained why he'd love to see the two wrestling greats square off in the middle of the ring.

"(Undertaker Vs. Sting) is fantasy booking...From what I know, I think this was rumored to happen at a WrestleMania a while ago but obviously it didn't go down that way. It was something that tickled my fancy as a wrestling fan for life knowing that Sting and Undertaker are two legends.

To see them go at it would be a dream come true for most people... I would love to see that. If I could be a fan for a minute, if that match were to go down, I think that would be something special."

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Last week, Dave Meltzer emphasized that the Sting-Undertaker match won't happen, and that WWE's tease on social media was just "website stuff" done for "fun." Not only that, but Meltzer added that WWE won't be clearing the 60-year-old Sting to wrestle again, and that they don't "want him to get cleared."

But Sting himself won't rule out a return to wrestling. At the Starrcast event, the 2016 WWE Hall of Fame inductee said that he would come back to wrestle for "the right price." He's also explained that he would be keen to return for a match against Undertaker, so you can't really rule it out. Don't forget The Icon's motto of "The only thing for sure about Sting is nothing is for sure."

What This Means

It's safe to say that if the Undertaker-Sting dream match was meant to happen, it would have taken place by now. Sting has been out of wrestling for three years now, and if WWE isn't willing to clear him for another match, then there's just no way of having him go up against Undertaker.

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