Fans Did Not React Well To The Controversial Finish Of SummerSlam's WWE Title Match

After all the hype and all the history surrounding it, Kofi Kingston versus Randy Orton did not end how we envisioned it would at SummerSlam.

The SummerSlam card was an incredibly stacked one. Amid all of the many matches, there were a few standouts we were looking forward to. Perhaps the match at the top of that list heading into the show was Kofi Kingston versus Randy Orton. A match quite literally a decade in the making with WWE's richest prize on the line.

In 2009, Kingston had what appeared to be his breakout match against Orton in Madison Square Garden. However, he was inexplicably passed over after that, and the champ has placed the blame at the feet of Orton. Not only does this match have a rich backstory, but both men are incredibly talented veterans of the business. Guaranteed for a great match at SummerSlam, right?

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Well, sort of. The two did have a terrific match. It was just the way in which it ended that fans weren't happy with. Orton is the king of mind games, so decided to taunt Kingston's wife and kids in the front row. That caused the champ to uncharacteristically snap, beating down The Viper until the match was ruled a no contest.

An irate Kingston continued to punish Orton, also bringing weapons into the mix. Meanwhile, the fans in Toronto very audibly chanted "bullsh**t" over and over again as the attack ensued. Eventually, Kingston gave Orton a break so that he could grab his title and hold it aloft. The fans weren't chanting the b word anymore, but they still weren't happy with how things went down.

We're assuming the match ended that way so the rivalry can continue between Orton and Kingston. We understand that, but that still doesn't excuse a WWE Championship match ending this way, not on a show as big as SummerSlam. We look forward to when these two do battle again, and on that occasion, we hope the match will have a more definitive finish. We're assuming it'll go down next month at Clash Of Champions.

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