Kofi Kingston Shoots Down Idea of Big E Ever Turning Heel

Ask new WWE Heavyweight Champion Kofi Kingston if he thinks Big E will ever turn heel against the New Day and he'll say no way.

In fact, when talking with TMZ Sports, Kingston noted, if you think Big E would ever turn his back on New Day, it sounds like you might not understand what makes the New Day so special.

According to Kingston, any rumors of Big E going heel shouldn't be believed because New Day is together forever, they're all about picking each other up and working as a group and no matter who wins what, there's no jealousy amongst the members because a win for one is a win for everyone. In that way, Kingston suggests their group is different than almost any other that came before it.

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Kofi says it isn't just about the fact that New Day is completely unique. While he cites the fact the group wears pink and blue, often dresses in unicorn horns, has their own cereal, throws pancakes into the crowd and sings and dances — none of which lends itself to heel qualities — all of their promos and interviews are clearly about their ability to work as a unit and lift each other up.

As transcribed by Fightful.com, Kingston explained, "We’ve said it since the beginning of time -- the philosophy of the New Day has always been to lift your brother up so that is the goal." He added that they aren't like other factions:

"You see all these factions and when somebody has success, one of them goes off and does something on their own or someone wants success, one of them goes and does something on their own. That’s very typical. Anything about New Day, if anyone has seen New Day on TV or whatever, everything that we do is atypical.

What This Means

Kingston might have a point but at the same time, what he's saying can be viewed in another way. Because the group is so much about teamwork, if and when one of the members does turn, imagine what it would bring emotionally to a storyline involving these characters. The WWE Universe would be heartbroken and for that reason alone, it would make for good television.

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