Watch: Returning Superstar Challenges Kofi Kingston To A Match At Super Showdown

Kofi Kingston had a rough night on SmackDown Live, being carted out on a stretcher after a vicious attack from a returning Dolph Ziggler.

No sooner had Kofi Kingston successfully defended his WWE Title against Kevin Owens was he watching his back for Brock Lesnar. The Beast In The Bank made it abundantly clear on Raw that he has his sights set on both Kingston and Seth Rollins. That ever-present threat continued on SmackDown Live when Paul Heyman appeared in the entrance way with the briefcase.

Kingston really was being attacked from all angles on Tuesday night. Heyman's appearance came just moments after the champ had chased off Sami Zayn. Then, while anticipating a potential Lesnar appearance, Kingston was attacked from behind by a third party. Dolph Ziggler. The Showoff beat Kingston down so badly that he left the arena on a stretcher.

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Ziggler has been absent from WWE TV for a very long time. The last time we saw him compete was during this year's men's Royal Rumble match. In fact, that appearance is the only time we have seen him at all in 2019. Prior to that, Ziggler's last match was a steel cage bout against Drew McIntyre back in December 2018. Now he's back, he has his sights set on Tuesday night's top prize.

Later in the night, Ziggler returned to ringside to address the fans. The former World Champion admitted that he was jealous of Kingston. Having to sit at home and watch the veteran ascend to the top of the pile, a journey Ziggler feels as if he is owed. As he fought back angry tears, Ziggler challenged Kingston to a WWE Title match at Super Showdown. We're assuming that match will take place.

Kingston is quickly learning that when you're the top guy, you have a big old target on your back. Ziggler can now be added to the ever-increasing list of Superstars who want a piece of the champ. Plus, it seems as if Big E's return this week was an extremely brief one, and that he is still recovering from a knee injury. That being said, we can't see Kingston losing the title to Ziggler in Saudi Arabia.


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