Kofi Kingston's WWE Title Reign Could End At The Hands Of Shane McMahon

We are thoroughly enjoying Kofi Kingston's run as WWE Champion, but we live in fear of it ending at the hands of Shane McMahon.

Without a shadow of a doubt, the feel-good moment of this year's WrestleMania was Kofi Kingston becoming WWE Champion. The moment was great, the match was terrific, and it happened in the middle of the show so the crowd still had energy left. Plus, since winning the title, WWE has booked Kingston exactly how a fighting champion should be booked.

Kingston has competed in 15 matches since WrestleMania, and he has won every single one of them. That includes tag matches and also six bouts for his WWE Championship. Dolph Ziggler, Kevin Owens, and Seth Rollins have all failed to end his time on top. Which begs the question, who will be the one to bring an end to Kingston's title reign?

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According to WrestleVotes, one of its sources speculated that the one to end Kingston's reign could well be Shane McMahon. As much as we would hate to see that happen, it would make a lot of sense based on WWE's current booking. Shane O'Mac has technically gone even longer without losing a match than Kingston. However, he has only one six matches during that time.

Some of those victories are pretty high profile, though. The boss's son has beaten The Miz three times, and even beat Roman Reigns at Super Showdown. You have to imagine that sooner or later, McMahon will deem himself worthy of a title shot. Considering how he has been booked recently if he gets that title shot, we can't imagine he's going to lose the match.

If we are hurtling towards a Shane O'Mac WWE Title reign, we have a pretty good compromise in our heads should WWE be listening. As soon as McMahon is handed the title, Brock Lesnar's music hits. The Beast storms to the ring and finally cashes in, leaving McMahon a crumpled mess before taking his leave. That way, not only do the McMahons get their way, but Lesnar's MITB reign will come to an end in a way that fans will actually cheer for.


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