Kurt Angle Has Interesting Idea To Save The Cruiserweight Division

Kurt Angle has an interesting idea for the cruiserweights of 205 Live and believes it could lead to the discovery of the next Rey Mysterio.

Believe it or not, it has almost been two years since 205 Live first debuted on the WWE Network. Coming off the back of the very successful Cruiserweight Classic, many were likely expecting the show to be a hit. If it had simply been an extension of the tournament to crown a first Cruiserweight Champion then it might have been, but that's not what the show ended up being.

If anything, 205 Live has felt like Triple H's original idea combined with what Vince McMahon wants it to be, and that has left fans uninterested. Couple that with the show taking place in front of arenas of fans that don't particularly care, it has made for a disappointing formula. The Game took full control of the show earlier this year and while it improved, interest in the cruiserweights has dwindled again since.


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During a Facebook Q&A this past Friday, Kurt Angle revealed his own idea for how to raise interest in 205 Live. A fan asked the Olympic gold medalist whether he thinks cruiserweights should integrate with Superstars on Raw and SmackDown Live. As it turns out, Angle would be a big proponent of that, laying out his idea for a different 205 Live star being highlighted on WWE's bigger shows each month.

"Every month, have a different 205 Superstar wrestle the top heavyweights on Raw and SmackDown. See which one the fans really get behind," Angle replied. The Raw GM added that he thinks his method could possibly lead WWE to find the next Rey Mysterio. An interesting idea and who knows, if instigated perhaps some of those cruiserweights could face Mysterio pretty soon.

WWE clearly hasn't completely given up on 205 Live. As of last week, the cruiserweight show has been moved to Wednesday nights on the WWE Network. That does mean it isn't live anymore, however, WWE will be hoping to catch more of the audience who will be tuning in to watch NXT and the Mae Young Classic. Until the division wrestles exclusively in front of Full Sail fans, however, we believe the brand is doomed to fail, or at the very least remain on the level it is now.


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