Kurt Angle Comments On Whether There's Anything That Could Bring Him Back From Retirement

Kurt Angle's Facebook Q&A is still going strong despite his retirement earlier this year.

Angle had his last match at WrestleMania 35, bowing out to Baron Corbin in what was billed as one of the most underwhelming farewell matches in the history of farewells. But he doesn't seem tempted to return to the ring for an eventually better swansong.

He's also previously revealed having signed a new deal with WWE to operate in a backstage role.

During his most recent Q&A, the 50-year-old was asked if there was any scenario which would prompt him to renege on his retirement plans and head back to the ring. He assured fans that he won't be coming back as he doesn't envisage any situation that would force him out of retirement.

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He would also praise The Undertaker and Goldberg for going against each other in Saudi Arabia at their ages, despite the match turning out to be a very poor one.

“I don’t see any scenario that would force me to come out of retirement, I plan on staying retired," he said (h/t Sescoops). "You need to give Goldberg and Undertaker credit for getting in there and doing what they did. Both are big guys and “power” wrestlers. I believe they both still have the ability to wrestle again if given the right opponents. I believe they both would have great matches with smaller wrestlers. Especially at their age. That’s my opinion.”

A bit more interestingly, Angle revealed getting into a backstage fight with the late Eddie Guerrero after being asked if he had ever been involved in a real-life skirmish with a colleague.

“Yes. Eddie Guerrero. It was short. Big Show broke it up," he explained. "There was no winner in the fight. Eddie and I had a love/hate relationship. Just like my real brothers. We would fight and then hug 5 minutes later.”

Despite Angle's comments, you just never know with wrestlers. Maybe we will see him in the ring again one day, maybe we won't. In any case, he will be remembered as one of the best pure wrestling talents to ever grace WWE.

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