Kurt Angle & Vince McMahon Decided On Brutal Raw Match With Drew McIntyre

Kurt Angle and Vince McMahon masterminded the main event match between the former and Drew McIntyre on Raw last Monday.

At Crown Jewel, Kurt Angle wrestled his first singles match for WWE since 2006. Unfortunately, the Olympic gold medalist was defeated by Dolph Ziggler in the first round. However, we did not have to wait long to see Angle in singles competition once again. Just three days later, he main evented Raw opposite of Drew McIntyre.

Angle was initially scheduled to face Baron Corbin, however, the acting GM was hounded out of the arena by Braun Strowman. Before Corbin left, he announced that McIntyre would be taking his place. The ensuing match was pretty brutal. McIntyre made sure to not just beat Angle, but embarrass him, it was hard to watch at times. The Scot even won the match with a submission his opponent made famous, the ankle lock.


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Fans wondering why on Earth WWE would book Angle to look as weak as he did, we may have a surprise for you. Sports Illustrated has reported that it was Angle, along with Vince McMahon, who came up with the idea to have the events play out the way they did. Angle and McMahon wanted to completely obliterate any hope the Hall Of Famer had of captaining Raw's men's team at Survivor Series.

Well, mission accomplished on that front. Since McIntyre is already a part of the team, it would be pretty strange to have him led by a man he humiliated on live television. Angle's hopes of being part of the team in another facet may not be done yet, though. There is one more episode of Raw left before Survivor Series, and there are rumors Angle will make his way on to Team Red at some point during those final three hours.

As Angle pointed out on last Monday's Raw, he actually captained the brand's men's team to victory at last year's Survivor Series. What he didn't point out, however, was the issues between himself, Triple H, and Strowman towards the end of that match. We will likely see Angle perform in the men's elimination match at next weekend's PPV, and hopefully, before that on Monday's Raw, he gets some of his credibility back.


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