Kurt Angle Gives Update On Future & Reveals What He Will Miss Most About WWE

Kurt Angle has opened up on what his post-wrestling career could be like after bowing out at WrestleMania 35 earlier this month.

The Hall of Famer had announced that he would be retiring and would have his very last match at the recent PPV. And, while a loss to Baron Corbin saw him out the door, Angle still has a lot to offer, albeit not inside the ring.

The 50-year-old took part in recent Q&A session on his Facebook page, where he took on some questions from fans. And asked what he plans on doing now that he'll no longer be an in-ring competitor, Angle revealed that he's looking to mentor younger wrestlers but a managerial role on TV is a possibility too.

“I would like to teach the sports entertainers anything that I can to help them improve. It will be fun and challenging. I may end up with a managerial role on TV down the line. It would be fun managing the talent.”

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Angle also revealed that the "you suck" chants from the fans are among things he will be missing the most.

“The fans. The “you suck” chants," he replied after being quizzed by another fan. "The matches where I knew I created something very special. The business is addictive. You want to do it forever but you can’t.”

Angle, one of the most decorated pros in the business, says he did not save any of his titles but regrets he did not keep a few for his kids.

“Unfortunately, I didn’t save any," he revealed. "I gave them either to charity or to Hall of Fames to display for fans. My wife disagrees with me, but I’ve never kept a shrine of my accomplishments because I don’t need a title to remind me of how good I was. Although, I wish I kept some of the apparel that I gave away, for my kids.”

What This Means

Angle had already confirmed having signed a new deal with WWE ahead of his retirement and will stick around in a backstage role for the time being.

It's unlikely he'll return as Raw's GM anytime soon, but the legend seems to be signed on for the long haul.

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