LaMelo Ball Stirs Controversy By Starting A Mid-Game Brawl

From the moment Lonzo Ball was about to figuratively and literally jump onto the scene, he and his Ball brothers have been the center of attention when it comes to professional basketball pioneering (seemingly, that is a thing), and their father LaVar Ball would have it no other way – as his sons and self-imposed triumvirate prodigies of basketball continue to push forward their Baller brand of basketball.

However, the youngest of the brothers, LaMelo is drawing attention to himself and the Baller Brand in a different way more recently. Seventeen-year-old LaMelo Ball lost his cool and slapped a player in the face on another team resulting in a brawl between the two teams. As reported, the onset of the altercation at first just seemed like a routine end of play occurrence that saw the Lithuanian Dzukija team’s Mindaugas Susinskas tap LaMelo Ball on the back of the head after the ball went out of play, but soon and very quickly, it escalated to something more feverish; LaMelo Ball responded to the international player’s gesture with a reactive slap to the face and from there punches were thrown and the grappling between both Ball and Susinskas began with their teams following suit respectively.


Both players were ejected from the game and despite Ball’s team being up by 15 at the time of the occurrence and altercation in the third quarter, the USA team from the Junior Basketball Association, a league designed by LaMelo’s father, LaVar Ball, ended up losing 124-116.

Lonzo, LiAngelo, and LaMelo have all been touted as premiere basketball players meant to change the landscape of the NBA and international basketball. However, with Lonzo’s imbalanced play last year and the addition of Rajon Rondo onto the Lakers starting lineup alongside LeBron James, there’s an uncertainty about the level of play that the oldest Ball brother will be bringing to the Lakers this upcoming 2018-2019 season. Both LiAngelo and LaMelo have been playing internationally for the past year and have already taken to basketball as a career with playing for BC Prienai in Lithuania and the USA team in their father’s Junior League as a kind of a prerequisite of preparation for their potential arrival into the NBA one day. But the Baller brand has taken a few hits, again, figuratively and literally, and LiAngelo being caught stealing in China nearly a year ago, and now his younger brother, LaMelo sparking a brawl during a game makes prospects questionable, to say the least.


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